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Why the warning about 1.0a6?


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> I purchase last week and Norton AntiSpam arrived on Saturday.
> there is a problem with it on OE6 on windows XP.  See below 
> from Samantec site.

Is any of this about spambayes?  It reads like it's all about Norton
AntiSpam.  If it is, you're really asking in the wrong place!  I doubt
anyone here will be able to help.

> Question is are there any Spambayes problems with OE6 and XP?

As far as we know there aren't any problems with SpamBayes specific to
Outlook Express.  If you want to read about the bugs we do know about,
take a look at the list on <http://sf.net/projects/spamabyes>.  In
general, you should be fine (although using 1.0a5 rather than 1.0a6
might be advisable).

=Tony Meyer

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