[Spambayes] Compiled proxy as exe

David Bakin d.bakin at comcast.net
Tue Sep 30 20:59:40 EDT 2003

To run the proxy as a service I needed to go to Services (Control
Panel/Administrative Tools/Services) and set the login account of the
service to my login account - it got installed as Local System which doesn't
have access to networking.  I'm running XP Pro but I think the same goes for
XP Home.  If your control panel doesn't have "Administrative Tools" try this
at the Start/Run:

%SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s

(For %SystemRoot% substitute where you have Windows installed, usually

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> > Could it be any chance to get the pop3proxy
> > compiled as an exe?
> We have done this, but just don't want the extra pain it will cause us :)
> We need a "champion" or 2 who would be the "point person" for it.  Any
> takers?
> > Because i tried to get it running under Windows Xp Home Edition,
> > and it just complains about something (forgot to copy that)
> The "compiled" version is likely to work (and fail) in the same way as the
> source code version, so you are likely to have the same problem.
> > and is there a way compleatle being able to remove spambayes
> > outlook-addin
> > from..outlook?
> > because it makes the loading/start-time get around 20 secs
> > instead of 1-3
> > secs to start.
> Control Panel->Add Remove Programs will remove it, but you must delete the
> SpamBayes toolbar in Outlook manually.
> Are you sure SpamBayes is responsible for that slowdown?  No one else
> reports anything similar.
> Mark.
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