[Spambayes] I goofed!

Robert Mezzone Robert.Mezzone at PJSolomon.Com
Fri Aug 6 13:33:12 CEST 2004

I believe you have to rerun the configuration wizard so it recognizes the
new folder. If you are using Outlook, you could also look in deleted items
for the old folder and restore it. I think you might have to still rerun the
configuration program in Spambayes manager even after restoring the old
folder. Hth..


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Please help me.  I installed Spambayes yesterday and already I love it.
but...I mistakenly deleted the Junk E-Mail file.  Now it still filters, but
I can't see what's been put in Junk E-Mail and since it's so new, I'm not
sure it's not deleting stuff I want to receive.  How do I restore that file
so I can see it?  I tried creating a new Junk E-Mail folder, but the spam
doesn't go there.  I'm using Windows 2000 and Spambayes 1.0a9.  I've read
the whole troubleshooting file, but don't see my problem there.  Please
help.    betty at noonan.net

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