[Spambayes] [MailServer Notification]To Recipient file blocking settings matched and action taken.

Administrator at bag.python.org Administrator at bag.python.org
Thu Dec 30 11:17:23 CET 2004

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has blocked an attachment.

Sender = spambayes-bounces at python.org
Recipient(s) = spambayes at python.org
Subject = Re: [Spambayes] Spambayes blocks on certain mails
Scanning time = 12/30/2004 5:17:22 AM

Action on file blocking:
The attachment SB_Server CMD Prompt 2.txt matches the file blocking settings. ScanMail has Quarantined it.  The attachment was quarantined to C:\Program Files\Trend\Smex\Alert\SB_Server CMD Prompt 241d3d5b37f2.txt_.

Warning to Recipient: Action taken by attachment blocking.

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