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Dreas van Donselaar dreas at emailaccount.nl
Sun Feb 1 17:23:50 EST 2004

Then what is the option "POP3 account settings, Advanced, Remove from server
when deleted from 'Deleted Items'" used for? Doesn't that mean Outlook can
remove individual messages from the POP3 server?

Dreas van Donselaar

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On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 17:26:33 +0100, Dreas van Donselaar
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> Hi all,
> SpamBayes is functioning quite well here. I just have one small 
> inconvenience. Since I am mobile all the time I always keep 5 days of 
> email stored on my POP3 server. I'd like all SPAM messages however to 
> be removed from the server by your software (so it will be in my 
> Outlook SPAM folder but not in my webmail client).
> Can this be implemented?

This is currently only possible if you are able to install and configure
software on your mail server.  I presume that this isn't the case.  It's not
really a matter of our being unable or unwilling to implement such a thing.
It simply isn't possible because of the way the pop3 protocol operates.


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