[Spambayes] Need help! Configuration wizard won't work.

Dee Dee deedeemurry at greatbigisland.com
Sun Feb 1 18:50:09 EST 2004

I have been using Spambayes for several months now and love it. The other
day, suddenly some spam started showing up in my inbox, although others went
into the "possible spam" folder as always. I noticed my "spam" folder was
gone, and found it in my "deleted" folder along with two other folders
titles "spam 1" and "spam 2". Neither of which I had created.


So I tried to reconfigure my spambayes again by hitting the configuration
wizard, but when I hit that button, all that happens is the window that it
was in, closes. Nothing more. If I try to delete something as Spam from my
inbox, it tells me I need to configure my Spambayes. 


I have uninstalled spambayes and downloaded and reinstalled it. But it is
doing the same thing. I have created new spam folders, etc, but nothing
helps. All the other buttons, other than the configuration wizard in the
Spambayes manager, seem to be working ok.


Can anyone help me get my spambayes back?? Thanks!!
Dee Dee


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