[Spambayes] Junk Email Folder Disappeared

Jack Hall jhall2 at nc.rr.com
Mon Feb 2 12:30:30 EST 2004

I am a new user of the Spambayes software and I have a problem. I am using
Windows 2000 and Outlook 2000 and the latest version of Spambayes. I
installed it last week using the installer and it went in just fine.

Everything worked fine for a day of so, then Outlook took a very long time
to close and when I rebooted, the Junk email folder was gone. The suspect
email folder was still there. I tried to recreate the junk email folder, but
it kept telling me to reconfigures, but the Spambayes Manager did not let me
configure anything. So I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it a
couple of times, with no luck.

I looked at the troubleshooting doc and was able to determine that the addin
was not listed in the Com add-in spot. So I tried to add it by using your
directions in the support doc. I tried to find one file named regsvr32.exe
spambayes_addin.dll , but I found the regsvr.exe file and I found the
spambayes_addin.dll as separate files.  I suspect you are referencing 2
separate files here, but really do not understand the instructions.

I also tried to delete all the spambayes files, so I could start over, but
got sharing violations messages.

Since I am not a very sophisticated user, I decided to send this bug report.
Attached are the only log files I could find. There were actually 4 log
files listed after a windows search, but when I went to the actual temp
folder, I found only 3.

I really liked Spambayes for the day or so it worked and would like to use
it more. I suppose I could reinstall Outlook to start over, but I have a
feeling that won't work. Hope you can help.

Jack Hall
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