[Spambayes] Junk Email Folder Disappeared

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 2 14:09:50 EST 2004

Jack Hall wrote:
> Everything worked fine for a day of so, then Outlook took a very long
> time to close and when I rebooted, the Junk email folder was gone.
> The suspect email folder was still there. I tried to recreate the
> junk email folder, but it kept telling me to reconfigures, but the
> Spambayes Manager did not let me configure anything. So I uninstalled
> the software and reinstalled it a couple of times, with no luck.

The logfiles indicate that the spam folder was deleted, so the
instructions in FAQ 3.13 may be helpful.  You don't say what you tried
to do in SpamBayes Manager that didn't work, but hopefully the steps in
this FAQ will be successful.


> I looked at the troubleshooting doc and was able to determine that
> the addin was not listed in the Com add-in spot.

There is a known bug in the 0.81 version that results in the plugin not
always showing up in the COM Add-Ins list even if it is installed and

> ... So I tried to add it
> by using your directions in the support doc. I tried to find one file
> named regsvr32.exe spambayes_addin.dll , but I found the regsvr.exe
> file and I found the spambayes_addin.dll as separate files.  I
> suspect you are referencing 2 separate files here, but really do not
> understand the instructions. 

"regsvr32.exe" is a Windows command to be executed in a Command Prompt
window, and "spambayes_addin.dll" is a parameter to the command.  This
particular part of the troubleshooting instructions is a shortcut to
reinstalling that is intended more for developers and power users, and
you should be able to safely ignore it.  It doesn't sound like this is
your problem anyway (see below).

> I also tried to delete all the spambayes files, so I could start
> over, but got sharing violations messages.

Did you close Outlook before trying to delete the files?  If Outlook is
open and the SpamBayes plugin is using the files then you will not be
able to delete them.  This is also a good indication that SpamBayes is
probably installed and running even though it isn't in the COM Add-Ins

Kenny Pitt

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