[Spambayes] .procmailrc ImportError Shared Object not found?

Christoph Berendes berendes at netalyst.com
Mon Feb 2 18:16:12 EST 2004

At 5:06 PM -0700 1/18/04, cb at netalyst.com wrote, re [Spambayes] .procmailrc ImportError Shared Object not f:
>when I attempt to run sb_filter.py via .procmailrc, I get the following error:
>     ImportError: Shared object "libdb3.so.3" not found
>I'd be grateful for troubleshooting hints.

For the sake of anyone else running into this (on FreeBSD 4.4), I added the following to the top of my .procmailrc file, and all is well:


(The full path of the libdb3.so.3 file was /usr/home/myaccount/usr/local/lib/libdb3.so.3)

(If anyone can explain why this was necessary to get .procmailrc to run, when sb_filter.py already ran perfectly well from the command line, I'd be grateful.)

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