John Rooks jrooks at carrollcoatings.com
Tue Feb 3 11:00:30 EST 2004

Dear SPAM Gods,

I have just discovered and installed your program on my Win98 machine, and I
think the statistical SPAM dissemination theory and execution is genius.

I did have a thought however that might make the program more useful and
accurate. It would be great if I could flag a non-SPAM email that I did not
want to receive anymore to something other than the SPAM folder. Take for
example news items from the Wall Street Journal. This is really not SPAM,
and if I flagged it as SPAM, it would pollute my SPAM statistics, which I
don't want to do. If you however could place a second layer of filtering in
the program which would kill email from identified sources, like
news at wsj.com, then I could relieve myself of some of my non-SPAM bothersome

Now, there may already be a separate Outlook plug-in for this simple
filtering which I may be able to use simultaneously with SPAM-Bayes.

If you might have a good resolution to this issue, I would be delighted to
hear of it.

Once the program has really started working for me, I intend to deploy it to
other systems at my company, and send you folks a fine juicy donation.

Most sincerely,

John Rooks
Providence RI

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