[Spambayes] Standards for Filtering

Bill Yerazunis wsy at merl.com
Tue Feb 3 11:28:00 EST 2004

   From: Yakov Shafranovich <research at solidmatrix.com>

   > of new spams that got through a user's filter and were subsequently
   > judged spam by a human.  The recipients MTA automatically recognizes
   > these inoculations and trains them as spam, so the overall filtering
   > quality of the mesh goes up linearly with the number of participants.
   > Well, that's the theory.  :) )
   > There's also some hope of standardizing on an "I am spam" header.

   Is there anyone who is willing to participate in a mailing list on 
   filtering standards?

Yes, count me in.

Jonathan Zdziarski may also be interested.  (he's the other half of the 
inoculation RFC)

	    -Bill Yerazunis

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