[Spambayes] Where did it go?

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 3 15:38:10 EST 2004

If you do not provide SpamBayes with any messages for initial training,
it will initially flag all incoming messages as "unsure" waiting for you
to tell it which ones are spam and which are good. These unsure messages
are moved to a separate folder that is, by default, named "Junk
Suspects". Try to locate that folder and all of your mail should be in
there. Then use the "Delete as Spam" and "Recover from Spam" buttons on
the SpamBayes toolbar to classify each of the messages. SpamBayes will
quickly learn the characteristics of your good and spam messages, and
you will begin to see most of your messages either remain in your Inbox
or get moved to your spam folder.
If you have trouble locating the "Junk Suspects" folder, you should be
able to use Outlook's Advanced Find feature to search for all unread
messages. FAQ 3.12 may help with that.
Kenny Pitt


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I installed your program and can't seem to find or get new email.  I've
searched for a holding file but without success.  Is there a way to
configure the program by getting my email and then letting Spambayes
know what to do with it?

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