[Spambayes] error with sb_imapfilter.py alpha 7

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Feb 3 17:03:41 EST 2004

[Mikhail Yakoubov]
> No. From my experience, it's a classification, not training, problem. 
> There is a malformed message in your Inbox, declaired as multipart in 
> its headers but without mutipart boudaries in the body. You have to 
> find and weed it out.

> FWIW, I plan that a future version of python's email package 
> will be much more forgiving of this sort of barfage.
> Doesn't help much at this point, of course...

Also not helping much at this point, but something that will help sooner
than the improvements to the email package, is that the next version of
imapfilter handles these much more gracefully.  When messages can't be
parsed, it simply prints out a note about that and continues on.  Those
messages won't be filtered, but everything else still will be.

Eventually, imapfilter should handle this like sb_server does, adding a
X-SpamBayes-Exception: header with the problem - this is bug #737967.  For
the moment, though, the current solution will do ok.


A new release should be out pretty soon (and includes other improvements to
imapfilter), so your best bet is to watch the announce list and grab it when
it does.

=Tony Meyer

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