[Spambayes] Update to new version or Not?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Feb 3 20:08:03 EST 2004

> OK - I've been using an older version of SpamBayes (1.0a5) for quite 
> some time with no problems and no complaints.  My question is 
> whether or not it is worth the 'hassle' to get the latest version and 
> recompile it all,

Well, Python will do all your compiling for you...

> reinstall the Windows XP service, etc. (which I know
> isn't all *that* difficult but for some reason I still nearly dread
> having to start all over again).

It should only be three steps:
 1. Download & expand 1.0a7
 2. Run [in sb dir] "python setup.py install"
 3. Run [in sb dir] "windows/pop3proxy_service.py install"

> Are there compelling reasons to upgrade?

Easiest for you to decide yourself.  Take a look at the 1.0a6 and 1.0a7
release notes (just the 'what's new' section should be enough, rather than
the rather more explicit changelog) and see if there's anything there that
you think is worth having.  You can view the release notes without
downloading the archive via the sourceforge download page - just click on
the release heading; "1.0a7", for example.

Note that we're very close to the next release, so if it's a lot of hassle
to upgrade, you're probably better off waiting for that.  That'll also
include a binary installer for the service, so installation will be a one
step (well, launch installer and press return a lot of times) process.

=Tony Meyer

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