[Spambayes] Train reliably on "forwarded" messages?

Christoph Berendes berendes at netalyst.com
Wed Feb 4 11:32:55 EST 2004

I run spambayes on my mail server using procmail and it works brilliantly. Thank you thank you thank you. 

I'm mostly reading my mail via Eudora on the mac.

What I'd like to do, for training, is forward "spam to be trained" to a special address (e.g. train-spam at myserver.com) and similarly for ham - train-ham at mailserver.com. I would then run the mailboxtrain.py on the server on the inboxes for those two dummy accounts. 

However, I realize that the mail messages in these two inboxes will look a little different than when they showed up in my inbox ("Forwarded" headers, addressed to "train-spam" rather than "berendes", >>> down the side).

WIll this "forward junk" throw off the training process?

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