[Spambayes] Ideas for an MSc project please...

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Wed Feb 4 15:59:31 EST 2004

I have a few ideas for you:

1) using Bayesian-like statistics to evaluate code for virus-like
behavior. I have no idea if it could work, but I would really like to
see something that could stop a new worm before the anti-virus vendors
have a chance to update their signatures. 

2) Evaluate using different multi-gram strategies and sliding windows,
like http://crm114.sourceforge.net/. Also, evaluate alternative parsing
strategies or tricks, even coming up with new strategies (say, like
evaluating what class-C subnet a message comes from). Tell us what
strategies are actually best, with rigorous, *general-case* statistical
evidence. Www.spamarchive.com may provide a source of material here, or
you may be able to partner with your university's mail admins to get a
diverse email mix from lots of users. Privacy issues be damned ;-).

3) A Bayesian-style web proxy filter, for libraries, schools, whatever,
that evaluates web pages in real-time and blocks them if they're porn,
gambling, whatever.

4) Improving Bayesian spam filtering at the SMTP gateway level. Why is
it less effective, what can be done to improve it, how do you handle the
training issue with a large user base of Grandma-style computer users.

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> Does anyone have any ideas for a project that I would like to 
> do at Masters 
> level?  I want to do something on Bayesian filters because it 
> is a very 
> interesting idea.  Is there some way of improving it?  what 
> could someone 
> research on in this field?
> Please email ghost151 at hotmail.com
> Thanks
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