[Spambayes] imap filter Query

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 4 19:34:00 EST 2004

> > X-Spambayes-MailId:1075888978
> > X-Spambayes-Classification: unsure
> > X-Spambayes-MailId: 1075888978
> Always wondered if the X-Spambayes-MailId duplication is a 
> bug or a feature for a purpose I'm not aware of. Can anyone 
> clear this?

First I've heard of it.  It's definitely a bug.  I'll look into this.

> > However, no header with the score is getting added, which I believe 
> > should. Is it possible to get the spam score with the imapfilter? I 
> > understand, when we use the Outlook2000 plugin, a header 
> > gets added to 
> > the mail with the spam score, which in turn can be viewed in the 
> > Outlook2K header list?

As Mike said, you need to turn this on (the option should be there somewhere
in the options exposed by the configuration pages; if not I'm certain it is
in the next release).  For the record, though, the Outlook plug-in doesn't
add any headers at all.  It adds the score to an Outlook 'field' in the
message (and doesn't add anything else, like the classification, an id, or
the clues).

=Tony Meyer

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