[Spambayes] various internal email addresses keep gettingcaught...??

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 4 20:05:12 EST 2004

> Hi, my company uses SpamBayes. I'm having a problem w/ 
> internal emails getting caught in my "junk suspects" folder, 
> even after i've recovered them from the folder before. These 
> emails are usually sent to company distribution lists, which 
> is probably why it's catching them.

Have you looked at the "spam clues" for such messages?  It should be
apparent from them why it's scoring what it is, and you might be able to
figure out what training you need to do to stop this happening (enough
training should fix it, unless they really look like something you're
training as spam).

It's also worth checking that you have a roughly equal number of ham and
spam trained - imbalance can hurt SpamBayes in ways like this.

> I looked in the options menu/tabs to see if i could place 
> addresses in a 'do not scan' field, or something of the sort. 
> I also checked out your site's Q&A, but didn't see anything related.

You're after what's commonly called 'whitelisting'.  However, see FAQ 6.6:


The most important bit here is that you can do this with your mailer's
(Outlook?) existing rules.  Just move all mail from these addresses into
some other folder ("Internal mail", or something), and don't have SpamBayes
filter that one.  (You should probably also enable 'background filtering' so
that the Outlook rules are sure to run first, although if the rules are
running on an Exchange server, that might not be necessary).

=Tony Meyer

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