[Spambayes] re which one?

Lesley Hayward Tedles at lineone.net
Thu Feb 5 06:09:47 EST 2004

Dear Spambayes,
I'm impressed with your work but a bit lost as to the strange language
used in the computer world.  I have Outlook Express - equally I have
spam coming in at a steady rate and I'm rather sick of it all
[especially as I don't have a penis to enlarge!!!]
I have Professional XP but e-mail uses Outlook Express.  Can you tell me
which, if any, programme I should download please?  If you don't have
one is there another somewhere out there in the ether? 
You were recommended by someone we met on a Business Start up course -
so word is getting around!
I would be soooo grateful for any help you can offer.
Yours truly,
Lesley Hayward [Mrs]
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