[Spambayes] re which one?

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 5 13:53:10 EST 2004

Lesley Hayward wrote:
> I have Professional XP but e-mail uses Outlook Express.  Can you tell
> me which, if any, programme I should download please?  If you don't
> have one is there another somewhere out there in the ether? 

Yes, we have a version that will work with Outlook Express, although you
may want to wait a little to go get it.  The current release only
supports automatic installation for Outlook 2000+, but we're hoping to
have a new release out sometime next week.

In addition to the Outlook plug-in, the installer for the new release
will have an option to install a version that works with non-Outlook
clients, including Outlook Express, as long as you are using a POP3 mail
account.  It will not be as tightly integrated into your mail client as
the Outlook plug-in, but it has a very usable web-based interface and
provides exactly the same filtering capabilities.

You may want to subscribe to the spambayes-announce mailing list so that
you can get notification when we put out a new release.  Information for
subscribing is here:


Kenny Pitt

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