[Spambayes] delete to spam failure

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Feb 5 20:46:22 EST 2004

> Loaded spambayes and seemed to work fine, today I wanted
> to delete a message to spam so I highlighted the message
> and clicked delete to spam, message popped up said no
> filterable file found. Tried this on several files same
> results?

SpamBayes tries to protect you from training on mail that you shouldn't - in
particular, messages that you have created, rather than received.

Was there any unusual about that message in particular?  Did you receive it
like any other message?  Was it some sort of Exchange generated message or

If all was normal, then you should probably add some sort of comment to this
bug report:


It deals with another case like this, although there isn't really a solution
yet.  The best hope is that something be found that's in common with these
messages, and still distinguishes them from mail that shouldn't be filtered.

=Tony Meyer

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