[Spambayes] deleted Junk E-Mail folder

Jeff Eriksen jeriksen at egi.com
Fri Feb 6 00:33:32 EST 2004

I did read the help files, but nothing seemed appropriate to my problem.


I am using Spambayes on WinXP with Outlook XP.


I decided to delete all the emails in my Junk E-Mail folder, but later
realized that I also deleted the folder itself. I re-created it, but now
it seems like my Junk E-Mail is still being classified as such (since I
see emails appear briefly in my Inbox then disappear, but they do not
show up anywhere else. My good mail comes to my Inbox, as well as some
Junk suspects.


How can I make sure I am getting my Junk E-Mails (weird question, huh)?






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