[Spambayes] Bayes Outlook Plugin & POP Proxy DBs

Patrick Dockhorn patrick at skex.com.au
Fri Feb 6 01:43:35 EST 2004

I've been using Marc's wonderful Outlook Plugin for a while now and am
currently setting up Spambayes to run as a POP3 proxy in our Intranet. I
was wondering

- is there an easy way how I can move my existing Spam databases across
to the Linux based Spambayes pop3 proxy so that I can avoid retraining?

- from what I've seen it seems that the pop3 proxy is proxying to fixed
pop3 servers only - is there a reason for this? To support multiple
users which use different pop servers I think it would be more flexible
to have the pop3 userid in the customer's mail client to be of the form
"user at pop-server:port" and the proxy can thus interface with arbitrary
pop servers 

Your help is highly appreciated.



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