[Spambayes] Suggestion: post SpamBayes to download.com andshareware.com

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 13:09:07 EST 2004

Franklin.Davis at nokia.com wrote: 
> First, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. My inbox
> hell, and now peace reigns.


> So I suggest making the home page much more inviting to the general
> with a simple description of the features & benefits, and download
> with install instructions, and put the project and technical details
> a second page.

Sounds like a good idea, but we're all developers so we tend to write
for developers as well.  The technical mumbo-jumbo is what we live for!
<wink>  However, we're always willing to accept submissions, so feel
free to create a mock-up of your ideas and either send it to the
spambayes-dev at python.org list or (preferably) submit a patch via

> And, distribute it on the shareware sites. I searched download.com and
> someone is selling a SpamBayes-based tool!

Creating a commercial product based on SpamBayes is explicitly allowed
by our license, and anyone is welcome to do so.

SpamBayes was created by some people that had a need for spam filtering,
and decided to share the fruits of their labor with others.  The rest of
us joined up along the way because the software filled our need as well,
and we wanted to contribute to making it an even better tool for what we
want it to do.

It gives us all a warm, fuzzy feeling when people like the software
enough to think it would be worth paying for, but that's not why we do
it.  We develop for ourselves, and the fact that other people are
benefiting is a nice side-effect.

Besides, as a volunteer effort, we don't want to make more work for
ourselves by becoming *too* popular! <wink>

Kenny Pitt

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