[Spambayes] Funny behavior of Outlook plugin

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Feb 6 18:36:47 EST 2004

This is a "feature" :)  Spambayes (or is it SpamBayes? <wink> goes to
efforts to exclude mails you yourself composed for this exact reason - that
Outlook often stores your replies in the same folder.  You should find that
original messages you compose are not able to be filtered or scored,
regardless of the folder they appear in.  Mails you composed, but then
received *are* still filterable - it is just the original that isn't.


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R. K. Coe

I don't know whether this is a bug or a feature; but it was a bit
unexpected, so I thought I'd pass it along.
I use the Outlook plugin (0.85) with Office 2000 under Windows XP Pro. Last
night I received a real message that got misclassified as spam. I
unthinkingly answered it before moving it back to my inbox, so my answer
went into the spam folder. (Outlook does that if you answer a message in a
folder other than your inbox.) So I selected it and clicked the "Recover"
button, whereupon I got the "No filterable mail items are selected" popup,
and the message didn't move. I was able to move it without using Spambayes,
and the Recover button did, of course, work on the original message.
My guess is that this behavior is a side effect of an implicit decision not
to assign any training value to a message that hasn't been scanned. That's
not illogical, but I don't think that particular error message (whose
ubiquity belies its lack of information content) quite conveys the
No big deal. It just wasn't what I would have expected.
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