[Spambayes] Norton antivirus

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 22:06:12 EST 2004

[Dreas van Donselaar]
> I try to get all virus warnings filtered out as SPAM as well. Norton
> Antivirus for example replaces a virus attachment with "Norton
> AntiVirus Deleted1.txt". SpamBayes does not notice this file name
> however.
> Furthermore I receive a lot of delivery failures for virus emails
> (send using one of my domainnames as sender email address). These
> virus emails are attached to the email but do not seem to be scanned
> by SpamBayes and are therefore not recognised.
> Wouldn't it be an improvement to check the attached file names and
> content of attached files as well?

You must be using the Outlook addin, yes?  Any other way of using the
SpamBayes codebase does know the names of attachments, and does pick apart
all MIME attachments with type text/*.  The Outlook addin does neither,
because Outlook destroys the original MIME structure of incoming email, and
so our project's MIME parser has nothing left to work with.

This won't change until someone contributes code to do a better job of
trying to guess (and recreate) the original MIME structure, from all the
places Outlook scattered the pieces.

That said, I get lots of these kinds of virus bounces too, and after patient
training they never show up in my Outlook Inbox anymore.  I get a few new
ones in Unsure each day now, but usually in a language I don't recognize

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