[Spambayes] Scoring and filtering in multiple PST files

David & Felica Stanley dbstanley at quiet-storm.org
Sat Feb 7 17:32:11 EST 2004

Outlook 2003 (11.5608.5606)
Windows XP Pro, all updates installed
SpamBayes Outlook addin v0.81
The SpamBayes addin seems to score and automatically filter only messages in
one PST file, if multiple PST files are used with Outlook.  My main PST
files ("Personal Folders") has only the standard folders (Inbox, Outbox,
Sent Items, Junk E-Mail, Junk Suspects, Drafts, Deleted Items).  I have
another PST file (okay, actually I have 3 more) with several folders.  I
have Outlook rules set up to move messages into a few of these folders
"after they arrive."  I have set up SpamBayes to filter 3 of these folders
(in the 2nd PST), as well as the Inbox folder in the main PST file.
Although messages that end up in my Inbox folder are being scored and
automatically filtered, messages in the second PST files are not.  The
"Spam" field shows nothing (blank) for messages in filtered folders in the
second PST file.  However, the "Show Spam clues for current message" option
shows high scores (100% in some cases) for Spam messages in these folders.
If I force filter-these messages using the "Filter Messages..." option, the
Spam messages are filtered and moved to the Junk E-mail folder.
Please help.  Let me know if you need any other information.
David Stanley
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