[Spambayes] Spambayes won't completely remove from Outlook

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Feb 7 20:51:22 EST 2004

> I received an email that disabled Spambayes so
> that it no longer works.  I tried reinstalling, 
> completely removing spambayes and reinstalling it, and
> even reinstalling Outlook, with no success.  My question
> is how do I completely remove all traces of the spambayes
> outlook plug-in so that I can then reinstall spambayes
> and have it work again.

I think what you're actually after is the list of disabled plug-ins in
Outlook.  From the Help menu, choose About Microsoft Outlook, then in the
dialog box, click the Disabled Items button.  SpamBayes is probably listed
there, and so you can fix it from there.

Otherwise, the uninstaller should remove all non-user data.  The 008.1
release does have some troubles with this, IIRC, but the next release should
fix that.  For the moment, you'd have to run the uninstaller, then manually
delete any files and registry entries that are left.  This is unlikely to be
the case of your problem, though.

One other issue is that user data is *not* removed on uninstall (this is
deliberate, and common among software).  This includes your configuration
file, so if the problem is actually with your setup, then this might be the
problem.  If the disabled items fix above doesn't work, you could try
deleting/renaming your configuration file and seeing if that helps (this
still won't lose any of your training data).  The FAQ explains where these
files are found.

One last thing is that if none of this works, then attaching your log files
to an error report would help track things down - the troubleshooting guide
(a copy is on the website) explains where these are.

=Tony Meyer

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