[Spambayes] Where did it go?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Feb 7 21:09:13 EST 2004

> I installed your program and can't seem to find or get
> new email.  I've searched for a holding file but without
> success.  Is there a way to configure the program by
> getting my email and then letting Spambayes know what to
> do with it?

If you haven't done any training at all, then all your filtered mail will
score 0.5, right in the middle of the 'unsure' range.  This means all the
mail will end up in the folder you've chosen for 'unsure' messages - maybe
called "Possible Junk".  Try using Outlook's Advanced Find feature to find a
message - they should be all together (if you don't know what to search for,
just send yourself a message, and then search for that one).

Once you're in the unsure folder, there will be two buttons on the SpamBayes
toolbar that you can use to do training - "Delete as Spam" and "Recover from
Spam".  Click the appropriate one for each message, and the appropriate
training will be done.  Once you have some training data, future messages
will be classified more correctly, although you should continue to
periodically review both the unsure/Possible Junk and spam/Junk folders.

=Tony Meyer

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