[Spambayes] Please help with installation for use with Netscape Mail

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Feb 7 21:15:50 EST 2004

> How do I install SpamBayes for use with Netscape Mail?  
> Unless I've just missed it, the only information I can find 
> on the SpamBayes project site is an unhelpful:
> I'm not a programmer, just an experienced computer end-user.  
> But I need a set of baby-steps instructions to get this 
> sucker working.  Every time I get started, I end up quitting 
> in frustration.

Have you tried going through the steps in the readme?  If you have, and
anything in there is confusing or unclear, it would really help if you could
tell us what is unclear, and help us figure out a way to write it so that it
is clearer.  We're developers, not technical writers, and so need all the
help we can get <wink>.

One other option is to wait a few more days and try the new binary
installer, which makes the process much more simple.  It should be out at
some point this coming week - it'll be announced on the spambayes-announce
list, and probably here, too (and definitely on the website).  There's still
a little bit of configuration, but much less than using the current source

=Tony Meyer

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