[Spambayes] Why Improve Bayesian

Bill Yerazunis wsy at merl.com
Sun Feb 8 19:56:04 EST 2004

   From: dont bother <dontbotherworld at yahoo.com>

   Hey heres is quick question for you guys,
   I always wonder whats the need for inventing new
   techniques when most of the bayesian filters are
   giving accuracy >99.7%?
   Is that in time these bayesian techniques or method
   will become less effective?

The reason is that humans are 99.84% accurate, so you want to be
MUCH more accurate than that, so you never have to read
the spam folder.

If you can make it 99.999% accurate, then you can save a lot
of time and storage.

   -Bill Yerazunis

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