[Spambayes] : Stopping spam at SMTP Level

dont bother dontbotherworld at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 22:32:32 EST 2004

Hey Chris,
Thanks for that.
I have a couple of questions on that.

> Also, server-side filtering is a total f**k to set
> up (pardon the 
> profanity), especially in a user-specific manner
> (since Bayesian 
> filtering really doesn't work using the same
> database for multiple 
> users).  It also takes up a snotload of resources,

What makes it so difficult for Bayesian Filters to
filter the spam using the same database for multiple

Also, when you mentioned about SMTP, I have this
question, why is there no solution of stopping SPAM at
the SMTP Level?
Comeon, are we impotent to stop the spammers from
using this bandwidth in the first place?


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