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Here is a couple of another questions. They may sound

People have been implementing filters such as bayesian
etc etc on the mailservers to stop spam which has come
all the way and used up all the bandwidth.
I am so surprised that no one has ever thought of
finding out a solution that does not allow the f***ing
 spammers to send so many mass emails, porn etc. I
have come across a few like some payment solutions but
none of that has yet been implemented.

Why not to modify the exisiting SMTP Applications
which incorporate prevention of the abuse of email?
Is int the http protocol has been modified to https
where security is needed and SSL 1.0, SSL 2.0 has all
been replaced by SSL 3.0 and TLS?

Another vague question is that if you are implementing
the Spam Filtering Business at the Mailserver of the
Receiver why not to implement that at the Mailserver
of the Sender? How about implemeting them at Routers?
too expensive? Routers may be busy doing other than
their usual business :-)


> Yeah, basically, we're a bunch of neutered
> impotents.  :)  The problem 
> is not bandwidth so much as processing time. 
> Somebody has to take the 
> mail apart, analyize it, and classify it.  The
> further up the chain that 
> processing is done, the more processing must be
> done, and the more 
> expensive it is in terms of CPU time (and yes, CPU
> time can still be 
> expensive).  Ideally, it should be done on the
> spammer's ISP side, but 
> that seems to be rare (judging by the amount of
> email that comes into 
> our network).
> My solution works like this:
> 1) Postfix accepts the mail, checks to see if it's
> sent to a valid user
> 2) If it is, run it through spambayes via
> content_filter, which 
> re-injects the mail into the system.  That "run it
> through spambayes" 
> script looks at the "to: " mail header and uses the
> appropriate 
> user-specific database accordingly.
> 3) Postfix hands it off to Cyrus, which delivers via
> POP3 or IMAP.
> Could it get any higher-level?  I don't think so.
> A lot of the spam we get is bounces from remote mail
> servers.  Spammers 
> spoof our domain, and we get the "invalid-user"
> bounces.  Sick.  I've 
> been just discarding everything that's from
> mailer-daemon and not to a 
> valid local user.
> Chris Jastram
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