[Spambayes] Help displaying spam score field

Marc 'Merlin' Mauss marc at shadowriders.org
Mon Feb 9 08:21:57 EST 2004

I'm using the Outlook plug-in with Outlook 2000, SP-3.  I've followed the
instructions for "Viewing and Using the Spam Score Field", and it works
properly in my "inbox", but I can't get it to work correctly in my "spam"
and "unsure" folders.  I've looked through all the documentation, but can't
find a fix for this.

When I create the field "spam" in my "spam" and "unsure" folders (as per
about.html#field), the fields SEEM to be created properly, but when I go
back to look at them, the "type field has changed to "Number" and the
"format" field has changed to "All digits: 1,234.567  -1,234.567".

I've removed the field and re-created it with the correct values ("Percent"
and "Rounded: 65%  -65%"), but every time I do this, the values change.

How can I display the "spam" field in my "spam" and "unsure" folders as weel
as my "inbox"?

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