[Spambayes] installing spambayes

Barbara McCann bmccann at verizon.net
Mon Feb 9 09:26:58 EST 2004

Okay, maybe I'm dim, but I downloaded the zipped spambayes 1.0a7.zip to my
desktop, (from the website

but could not figure out how to install it.  The read-me.txt file said to
start "setup.py install" but searching the various directories I could only
see a file called "setup.py" which my computer did not recognize.  A search
for the term "install" did not turn it up, neither did "exe."  


I want to use the Outlook plug-in; I tried downloading and installing that
(which did begin an installation wizard), but it installation failed, I'm
assuming because I haven't been able to install spambayes.


Any help would be appreciated; it sounds like a great program.


I use Windows XP.



Barbara McCann

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