[Spambayes] Long load times.

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 9 13:24:08 EST 2004

[rural_cdn at fastmail.fm]
>> I'm trying to cut down on the long load times I have. Will
>> deleting my spam messages help? Will that decrease the size
>> of the above file?

Let me throw in that deleting the original spam messages from your spam
folder will make no difference.  SpamBayes collects and stores the
statistics from messages when you train on them, but otherwise does not
use the original messages at all.

> Having a smaller database file could help, yes.  (The way to check
> this (and see how much you gain) would be to rename the file, see how
> fast it loads then (it'll create a new, empty, database), and then
> delete the new database and put the old one back).

Definitely test this, but in theory it shouldn't make much difference.
The database file is opened at load time, but the contents are not read

Kenny Pitt

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