[Spambayes] regsvr32.exe spambayes_addin.dll not regsvr32.exeoutlook_addin.dll

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 10 09:35:47 EST 2004

David Liu wrote: 
>> Troubleshooting the SpamBayes Outlook plugin:
>>    Check that Outlook shows the addin as enabled
>>        If the SpamBayes addin is not listed, then SpamBayes
>>        should be reinstalled (Note that running regsvr32.exe
>>        outlook_addin.dll from the SpamBayes directory may also
>>        solve this problem) 
> regsvr32.exe spambayes_addin.dll is correct. 

That was true for the 0.81 plugin release.  However, the online
Troubleshooting Guide has been updated for the 0.9 release that will be
announced as soon as the files on SourceForge have been verified.  In
the 0.9 release, "outlook_addin.dll" is the correct name.

Kenny Pitt

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