[Spambayes] Database Format

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 10 13:23:50 EST 2004

Brent L Johnson wrote:
> I installed SB on my Linux box from the source distribution
> (1.0a9).  I then copied my database from my WinXP machine (I'm
> using the Outlook plugin) and ran:
> sb_dbexpimp.py -e -p default_bayes_database.db  -f bayes.out
> Not sure if these are the correct parameters, but I based
> it off the usage help for sb_dbexpimp.
> [snip traceback]
> Is the db version for the Outlook plugin a picked db or DBM?

"default_bayes_database.db" is a BerkeleyDB file.  You'll want the -d
option instead of the -p option.

Kenny Pitt

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