[Spambayes] Spam to Ham ratio

Nowhere nowhere at cox.net
Wed Feb 11 00:23:05 EST 2004

Hi everyone,
I currently have 139 Good and 286 Spam trained. I get about 10x more
spam than ham. I find that my ham is solidly classified at 0-1% while
spambayes still misses some spam at numbers like 83% (and some at 0%).
These are the spam messages with lots of random words thrown in to try
to defeat the statistical filters.
Anyway it seems to me that with my HAM being recognized so perfectly
while the spam is less than perfect that I would need to classify more
spam, further deviating from the recommended 1:1 ratio. 
Or do you think the recognition would work better if I increased my HAM
messages (even tho they are all coming in with 0%)?
In anycase of 690 spam I got in the last two days I only have to delete
as spam 18 of them. Not bad.
Thanks in advance for any comments!
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