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Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 11 20:13:33 EST 2004

> I have this product on my computer and am frankly
> very confused.  Most attachments sent to me are now
> being deleted, and I cannot read them.  However, they are
> legitimate, important attachments that I need to open.
>  What can I do to correct this problem, and is there a
> way to recover those that have been sent to me and deleted
> by this program -- that I want to open?

You appear to be using Outlook Express - is that correct?  If so, does that
mean you're using sb_server?  (All the following assumes an answer of "yes"
to both questions).

sb_server should be just letting your mail through, only adding one or more
headers, and possibly changing the to or subject headers (depending on how
you have set it up).  If something is going wrong with attachments, then
something is going very wrong with the proxy.  You should certainly be
getting error reports printed out, which would be useful to have, in order
to figure out what is happening.

To be clear: SpamBayes does not try to remove any attachments from messages.
If this is happening, then it is a bug, but it seems much more likely (given
that this hasn't been reported before) that something *else* is doing this.
Maybe your ISP has started doing it, or some virus protection software on
your system?

The way to check is to temporarily disable spambayes and see if that changes
anything.  To do this, just set your mail client to connect directly to the
mail server rather than to localhost.  If the problem goes away, then
spambayes is at fault (and we would really like to have as much information
as possible, in order to fix the problem), and if the problem doesn't go
away, then something else is doing this.

> Also, is there a way to remove this software from my computer?  

Sure.  Just change your mail client back to connect directly to the pop
server, rather than to localhost - that will stop SpamBayes from doing
anything with your mail.  To remove it, just remove all the files that start
with sb_ in the Scripts directory in your Python installation, and the
spambayes directory in the Lib/site-packages directory in your Python
installation.  If you've set it to start automatically, then just undo
whatever you did to do that*.

* Yes, this is a complicated procedure - this is as a result of running from
source.  Users of the new binary version for Windows (to be released this
week) will have a simple GUI uninstalling option.

=Tony Meyer

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