[Spambayes] SpamBayes -- initial problem

David Walker DWalker at Zianet.com
Thu Feb 12 01:13:33 EST 2004

SpamBayes, Outlook 2000 plugin version 0081, on Windows 2000 SP4.

The "Welcome" text opens in a browser window.  I actually read it -- there's
a line that says this:

"Outlook does not allow us to automatically add the spam score to your
Outlook folder views - but you can do it manually by following these

This is from a file called Welcome.html from the install directory.  So I
clicked on "following these instructions".  Unfortunately, the "following
these instructions" link is a hyperlink to a file on the E drive.  I don't
have an E-drive, so of course this link is broken.

Second:  On Outlook's SpamBayes toolbar, the Help/About page should
certainly give the version number somewhere.  That's the law in Windows

Thanks.  I look forward to working with SpamBayes.

David Walker

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