[Spambayes] Curious User

Anthony Lorenz alorenz at wfyi.org
Thu Feb 12 08:12:56 EST 2004

That I am. Also the unwashed and unknowing. But please allow a question from a non IT type.

When spam bayes does its scoring thing, I am assuming it is "opening" the unread email to score it and then [using outlook] tagging it as unread before placing it in the junk mail folder, from which I delete it.

Here's my question.

When it scores the email to filter it, does opening it send a hidden "receipt" to the spammer telling him or her that the email address is good?

The reason I ask is that spam bayes is almost 100% accurate, but my spam has doubled since I started using it. 

Before, I would use outlook filters or just delete from the inbox without opening because I am smart enough to recognize a spam email without opening it. back then I got 13 a day average [I kept track].

Now, I have an average of 30 a day, of which spam bayes catches them all.
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