[Spambayes] Identified as ham, but sent to spam folder

dmuller at cyberlogic.com dmuller at cyberlogic.com
Thu Feb 12 14:57:37 EST 2004

(My first attempt to post this problem was seriously hosed somewhere along
the way. I had tried to include the offending e-mail and perhaps that caused
the problem. Sorry. Anyway, here is my question without the attachment.)

I'm using version 0.81 with Outlook 2002 SP-2 under Windows XP. My training
ratio is about 1:1 and my filtering limits are at the default 15% and 90%. I
am getting excellent results overall. However -- rarely -- Spambayes will
identify an item as ham with a score of 0%, then move it to the spam folder
anyway. This has happened only a couple of times, and each time it occurred
when Outlook was starting up. That may be coincidental, of course. My
particular setup does have the known problem of the last new spam item not
getting moved when Outlook starts. Perhaps they are related. Any thoughts?
Dan Muller

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