[Spambayes] Any way to watch for the header "X-Spam: True"?

Eric Peterson epeterso2 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 16:48:28 EST 2004

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My company uses Brightmail to tag suspected spam
coming through its firewall by adding the header
"X-Spam: True" to the message (giving the user the
freedom to parse on it). Spambayes does a better job
than our Brightmail configuration -- I've observed
that BM only catches about 70% of my incoming spam.

However, I've noticed that when I ask SpamBayes to
show the spam clues for a message that the "X-Spam:
True" header never comes up. Many times false
negatives that slip into my inbox do have the "X-Spam:
True" header set, meaning that Brightmail caught it
but SpamBayes didn't.

I started to dig into the code to figure out some way
to get SB to recognize that header as another token.
However, I don't speak Pythonese (just Perl) and I'm
not familiar with the SB architecture. Needless to
say, I got lost quickly.

Can anybody give me a pointer as to how to get SB to
recognize "X-Spam: True" as a header line and add it
to its database?

Thanks ...


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