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Thanks for the note. I can confirm that the bug is fixed, at least for
my installation.


I was unaware that you could check the existence of the field by looking
at something other than an item in the folder. I was further unaware
that creating the user property using a temporary item wouldn't simply
delete the user property from the folder when the temporary item was
deleted. That's my something new learned for the day, although it does
make me wonder under what conditions a user property does get removed
from a folder. :)


The solution the SB team implemented is a good one, certainly better
than the ones I (humbly) suggested. I'm still puzzled though as to why
(other than effort) you wouldn't want to avoid having to ensure the
presence of the field by trapping the errors the absence of the field
might cause and dealing with the issue more contemporaneously. At a
minimum this would avoid the theoretical problem of having the user
property ripped out from underneath the code after SB had been
initialized. OTOH, if it ain't broke...


SpamBayes is absolutely the most freakin' awesome piece of open software
available! I think the FCC should give you guys a commendation.




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I'm a bit behind on looking at the bugs, but I added similar comments to
some other bug.  I believe your diagnosis of the problem was correct,
and this has indeed been fixed, simply by using a better/faster way of
checking the field.



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	Hmmm. OBE. After looking at the source code for the release
announced today, I believe this problem is probably fixed.



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