[Spambayes] RE: Most Recently Received Email Not Filtered

Brown, Jim brown at terralign.com
Sat Feb 14 20:07:32 EST 2004

Mark Hammond wrote:
> We don't use the field at all.

Ah, but SpamBayes does use the Spam field. :) It's used in
GetNewUnscoredMessageGenerator() to try to avoid processing a message
twice. I thought the reason SB did the Ensure was to avoid the error
that might be caused by doing a Restrict with a user property that
didn't exist. But, the only place I knew for sure that this was done was
in the new unscored message generator. If that's the only place it's
done, why Ensure at all? [Apologies offered. I'm insatiably curious
about these things from an academic standpoint.]

> > SpamBayes is absolutely the most freakin' awesome piece of open
> > available! I think the FCC should give you guys a commendation.
> FCC?  Isn't that some American thing? <wink>

Well, I guess I _could_ try to put in a good word at Ofcom instead... ;)


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