[Spambayes] Frequency distribution for wordinfo counts?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Feb 14 20:54:47 EST 2004

> I'd like to get feedback from folks on the distribution of 
> nham and nspam counts in their wordinfo databases.
> For example, I used sb_dbexpimp to dump my dbm based storage, 
> then loaded it into excel and did a histogram on nham and nspam.
> Here's my nspam distribution
> BINS	Frequency	Percent Total	Cumulative %	BINS	
> Frequency	Cumulative %

I'm happy to give you data for my setup, but I'm lazy <wink>.  Would you
mind sending me/the list a copy of the Excel formulae for these?

=Tony Meyer

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