[Spambayes] double listing of all inbox emails

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Feb 15 19:06:12 EST 2004

> I have windows xp pro operating system and use the
> Outlook package. Since installing Spambayes 8.1, I have 2 of 
> everything in my inbox.  This seems to happen after I delete 
> the first email message.  I have looked at the trouble 
> shooting guide but did not see anything relating to this problem.
> The deleted file has 2 and sometimes 3 copies of the messages.

I'm still not clear on what is happening here.  By "delete", do you mean
that you are moving the message to the "Deleted Items" folder, or that you
are clicking on "Delete as spam"?  If it's the former, I can't see how
spambayes would be doing this, since it doesn't do anything when you delete
a message.

What happens if you delete again?  Do you get another copy?  

If you disable spambayes (Manager dialog), does the problem still happen?
Does it happen if you uninstall spambayes?  (uninstalling and then
reinstalling will not effect your configuration or training).

Does this happen with the latest release?  1.0a9 (0.9)

> Log file attached.

The log file has nothing unusual in it.  As an aside, though, you've trained
on only 11 spam and 164 ham - it would be much better to have a more equal
balance, and definitely to have trained on more spam than that.

=Tony Meyer

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