[Spambayes] Problem with POP3 Proxy

Mitch Deoudes mitch at houseofpain.org
Mon Feb 16 03:48:31 EST 2004

Thanks for the quick response!  Look forward to seeing 1.0a10, or 1.0aPI^e, or
whatever the next one is.  sb is a great utility overall, and the web interface
is pretty slick.

In related news - despite numbers like these:  [Total emails trained: Spam:
1549  Ham: 888], I've been pretty consistently getting 5-10 "unsures" a day...
and recently, a couple of false negatives, too.  (Though only one or two false
positives over the life of the installation, which is great.)  I wonder if this
is due to smarter / more pathological spam in recent days.  In any case, it's a
buttload easier to deal with than the alternative.


Tony Meyer wrote:

> [Aside: ooh!  Someone using the 'report a bug' form!  Yay!]
> > Forwarding spam/ham to the
> > local training addresses gives the following exception
> [edited]
> > exceptions.NameError:global
> > name 'message_from_string' is not defined
> > [spambayes\smtpproxy.pyc|extractSpambayesID|361])
> Damn.  Sorry - this was reported with the previous release, and I thought
> that I had fixed it, but I only fixed it in one place, and it needed to be
> in two.  I've fixed it now, so it should be done for the next release (which
> should hopefully be quicker than 1.0a7-1.0a9).  Sorry about that.
> > I also get a SMTP error back from my mail client:
> > "Enter data ending with a . on a line by itself".
> I'm pretty sure this is a result of that bug.
> =Tony Meyer
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