[Spambayes] Lost attachments

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Mon Feb 16 15:12:48 EST 2004

[George Barnes]
> No idea if this is related, but I got a bug with Outlook 
> 2000, where my sent attachments were not received , until I 
> sent e-mails only in "Plain Text" format....

That is probably because Outlook is set up to send messages in Rich Text
format, instead of HTML. Outlook versions later than 98 can send
messages in one of three formats: plain text, HTML, and Microsoft's
proprietary Rich Text Format (RTF). RTF is a subset of Microsoft Word's
formatting, and is the native message format for older versions of
Outlook and Exchange Server, and the old Microsoft Mail.

Non-Microsoft clients and gateways often have trouble with RTF-formatted
messages, showing strange attachments, or nothing at all. There is an
option in all of these versions of Outlook later than 98 to send
HTML-formatted messages instead of RTF to Internet recipients. It's
under Tools->Options->Mail format tab in my version of Outlook (2003).


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